Awards Season Yields Unexpected Returns

It's movie awards season and that means different things to different people. For some, planning an Oscar night party with friends will be a highlight, others might just enjoy the quality movie releases this time of year brings. Screen Actors Guild members may find themselves attending screenings, looking for first run movie DVDs in the mail, and watching lots and lots of movies, television, and digital only shows at home.

Since I don't watch a lot of DVDs or stream from anything other than Netflix from my Smart TV, I find that each year my understanding of my home entertaining capabilities also gets tested. Remembering how to set up a MacBook to run a digital screener from a movie production site and then mirror that to my home television screen using AppleTV isn't that difficult - but it can be a mental hurdle if it is something you typically only do once a year. 

The good thing about this happening in January is that it is also a good time of year to resolve to set new habits. This year, instead of getting frustrated at my inability to remember quickly how to set up all of my various movie viewing technology, I decided to document it and make it easier the next time. I didn't want to make it to complicated, or make it seem like a work task, so I just jotted very short notes in Evernote and voila! instantly I felt better, more confident, and more willing to watch movies all year round, and not just binge during awards season.