Doing a Reading

As an actor, every once in a while I get called to participate in a reading for a new work in development. Usually these are stage plays, sometimes screenplays intended for film. This past weekend I had the pleasure to participate in a reading for a full length stage play in development.

The purpose of these readings are usually so the playwright can ‘hear’ their work and get feedback from an audience. Usually the best audiences for feedback consist of other playwrights, directors, and creative types.

For a participating actor these experiences can run the gamut from disappointing to incredibly rewarding depending on the quality and content of the material, the other cast members, the timing, and a myriad of other variables. This past weekend’s reading was wonderfully on the rewarding end of the spectrum and I thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent participating. I also felt that it was a great and creative way to exercise my acting muscles, play with new material, and network with fellow actors.

One never knows when the next opportunity will arise, but I’m looking forward to it whenever it comes.